Green Earth Technologies Group LLC is a Limited Liability Company based in Delaware.  Our mission is to be the pre-eminent company with an exemplary safety and service record in the demolition, dismantling, asset recovery and salvage industry.


Our target market encompasses all 50 states in the US; the US Territories; and select markets in Europe and Asia.


Our purpose and performance are driven by five key criteria: Safety, Accountability, Value, Efficiency and Discretion.


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  • SAFETY above all else as a primary value and goal
  • ACCOUNTABILITY to enforce and ensure responsible and prescribed actions at all levels
  • VALUE for all stakeholders and participants
  • EFFICIENCY through innovation, reduced complexity, systems and change management
  • DISCRETION in conduct to build trust and integrity with clients and customers that utilize our services


GETG’s projects are essentially partnerships with clients, customers, vendors, and sub-contractors.  We recognize the importance of relationships in successfully fulfilling commitments and in achieving our goals of safe and efficient service.