Client Services




  •     Demolition & Dismantling
  •     Remediation & environmental service
  •     Asset recovery
  •     Grading & Soil remediation
  •     Salvage of maritime vessels
  •     Ship-breaking


GETG’s primary business model offers clients a viable option in full scale demolition of decommissioned facilities and disused property to provide cost effective means of reclaiming the site for further development. GETG also performs partial/select dismantling and gutting of industrial and commercial structures in both active and inactive sites.


As our revenue is based on the recycling of metal and other material reclaimed from demolition, we offer customers a no-fee service in exchange for full title to the reclaimed material. If projects have the potential for higher return from recyclables, GETG will pay the client a pre-negotiated sum in addition to the value of the work to be performed in return for the salvage material.


In projects that require asbestos abatement or other remediation work, GETG provides a package deal that includes both environmental and demolition work so that the client has a net cost advantage in utilizing our services. Such cost benefits are usually not attainable when different companies are hired to complete the two services, namely demolition and remediation. GETG‘s total package solution can substantially reduce costs to clients and each project is reviewed and analyzed on its requirements and assets so as to offer an optimal solution. In completing the demolition and environmental work, GETG also ensures the appropriate disposal of all debris and all waste generated as per local, state and federal laws.


GETG’s primary focus on all projects and commitments we undertake is safety and efficiency. We are also committed to performing all work with discretion and confidentiality as needed, and fully adhere to client stipulations in disseminating or releasing project information.


We look forward to the opportunity to visit your site and provide you with a comprehensive proposal that addresses your company’s needs and your facility’s unique conditions. Please contact us at: