Safety & Performance

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GETG has an excellent track record and rating for safety. This is the direct result of our focus and attention to safe operations above all else. Our company policy for all projects, large and small, is encapsulated in our in-house operations model called the SEAT Strategy.






SAFETY Our internal Safety Manual is extensive and formulated as per OSHA/ MSHA guidelines. Routines, benchmarks and goal-posts are defined, executed and measured on an on-going basis to ensure compliance at job sites and also to facilitate continuous improvement.


EFFICIENCY In order to provide real value to clients that utilize our service, operations need to be highly efficient and cost-effective without compromising safety or quality. This is an ongoing evaluation within GETG where innovation and simplification work in tandem to achieve optimal results for all stakeholders.


ACCOUNTABILITY A key component in maintaining a safe and efficient work environment, accountability is a cornerstone at all levels of GETG operations. Clearly defined roles and areas of responsibility, tool shop meetings and open shop discussions, incident reports and accurate record-keeping are all part of the information flow process. All personnel are encouraged to own their actions with intent to improve their safety rating.


TRANSPARENCY GETG encourages clarity and integrity in exchange of information within the company and with clients and external partners to encourage an atmosphere that allows for open flow of information. As a trust-building measure, transparency serves to ensure clients that all procedures, project milestones and processes are implemented as per agreed upon criteria, and improves efficiency within the company.