Green Earth Technologies Group LLC

Green Earth Technologies Group LLC and affiliate companies are active in the demolition and dismantling of commercial and industrial structures; asset recovery; environmental remediation; ship scrapping; and industrial waste recycling. The principals and key personnel of Green Earth Technologies Group (GETG) have 40+ years of collective experience in the recycling and waste reduction industry and have worked with industrial outreach programs of educational institutions such as University of Georgia to reduce the waste stream of companies such as Georgia Pacific. Projects completed by GETG and affiliates include demolition/ dismantling of refineries, tank farms, manufacturing plants, power stations, warehouses and industrial structures, as well as scrapping of U.S. Navy ships, river barges including sunken barges, cargo carrying vessels, and tankers.


GETG’s primary model for demolition and dismantling work is based on reverse engineering processes, which differentiates our work from the routine wrecking ball approach common in the demolition industry. Our key goal is SAFETY and EFFICIENCY in all projects, and reverse engineering facilitates these goals with its requisite focus on project planning based on client needs and structural blueprints. This model is, in essence, a demolition-by-design approach that has garnered us an excellent safety record while also proving to be cost-effective and value-enhancing due to higher yield in recyclables.


GETG works with and utilizes the services of leading engineering consultants such as Leidos ( on high-end projects and provides a comprehensive in-house solution to clients that includes environmental remediation as needed. In addition to safety and efficiency, discretion and confidentiality are also key components of the overall service provided by GETG